WCIF Power converters and PAL-NTSC converter?

Does anyone know where I can buy power converters for 110v to 220v? I have see some around but they are only 50watts. I’m looking for 300watts to 1500watts.
Also looking for a NTSC to PAL converter for my TV.

just get a new TV, mate.

Are you kidding. NTSC colors suck.
NTSC = Never The Same Color.

the convertor will degrade your pictures more than looking at the native NTSC signal in the first place, the transformer will eat more power than a new tv will, and the price of both might be the same as a new tv.

I use to have a Panasonic GT-8000 broadcast converter used by broadcasters, and there is no loss in picture quality. Also my DVcam, DV playback/Recorder is PAL. With the work I do NTSC is not acceptable. Even in the US large production houses always use PAL and then transfer to NTSC for broadcast. This is because PAL has more res-lines (625) at 25 frames per/sec.
The power converters are for running my mixer and DAT decks. So far the problem I came across with the one I bought is the HZ is off so the pitch is off by 0.2%.

OK then.

Head down to Kaifeng and Hankou Jie (electronic shops for the converter) and the South-West corner of Zhonghua / Zhongxiao Rd. (electronic component shops for the transformer) near the main station.