WCIF: Prescription sunglasses

Years of Forumosa reading are taking their toll on my eyes, so yours truly is now in the market for a couple of new sunglass prescription lenses. Would prefer to keep my existing frame and just get new lenses. Any recommendations for a good place to get sunglass lenses replaced?

Does JINS do sunglasses?

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My boss wears glasses that change from transparent to dark when outside. Is that what you’re looking for?

No, I find those quite annoying. Just looking for good old fashioned sunglass lenses, but with a prescription.

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Ah understood.

Most glasses shops will be able to offer you some. Most only have UV protection. the polarised lenses are rare in Taiwan.

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Known as “Transition” lenses.

A bit hit and miss - you can be outside on a freezing cold day with a uniform grey sky and they darken up on you.

But yes, for those who need glasses for more than reading, they do save having to swap glasses when there is a lot of sun outside and the glare gets too much.

I used to have them, but since I got my Cataracts fixed I only need glasses to read things less than 25cm in front, so it’s back to normal Sun glasses outside.

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Thank you for explaining to a non-glasses-person like myself.

I’ve seen them at OWNDAYS, even considered it but haven’t ever gotten them. Several locations in Taipei. I’ve gotten two progressive pairs from their Taipei Main Station branch and been happy with their service and prices. Last week a screw loosened up and I went in and they tightened it up nicely for free.


Wife got her prescription sunglasses free with her normal glasses, she went to about 10 different places before she found the ones she likes and all had different offers for sunglasses.

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Owndays, I also use and like. They retain your info in the system so you can visit any shop and they frequently have discounts and incentives.

Sunglasses I believe take a few days.

Are glasses free here? Or just the sunglasses came as a gift?

I think they had some basic ones that where very cheap, but the ones she got where buy glasses get matching prescription sunglasses free. Different shops have different promotions.

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