WCIF Professional video camera (in Taiwan)?

I am looking to buy a professional video camera (Sony BVW-400a beta cam) or better in Taiwan.

I don’t go often in Taipei, but if anyone could help me find a store where they sell professional video equipment, it would make my day.


I would try Boai Road (Taipei’s camera street) and Hankou / Kaifeng Street, near the Taipei Main Station / Northgate (Beimen). There are many camera shops and I have seen some cameras on display that look like professional, or at least semi-professional ones. Can’t recall the exact location though but you should be able to spot them when walking around.
Or contact Sony Taiwan and ask them for a dealer of the specific model you are looking for …

Ask the guys at Keyphoto. kphoto.com.tw/front/bin/home.phtml

They’re on Dongxin Rd, between Keelung and Bade Rds. About a 10min walk from City Hall MRT.