WCIF Quality Solid Hardwood Furniture?

Original title: ikea’s choice of woods

I dont know whats the deal with the use of MDF in almost every mass marketed furniture… I really can’t recommend the use of MDF in Taiwan due to the high humidity, the thing just wont last… I think solid wood/plywood furniture is much stronger plus its more resistant to moisture. Where can I get solid wood furniture anyways?? They make stereo stands with MDF, I just dont see how it can stand up to 3 Usher R-3.0 power amps… (each weights like 75Kg by the way)

Go to Qizhang station (a few stops before Xindian) and take the main exit (1 I think). You should exit onto a main very bisy road, not a back alley. A Dante’s Coffee is across the street. Turn left and walk 100 feet. You’ll see some interesting looking solid wood furniture pieces out front a shop. Right now they have this super cool patio bench. Wish I had a patio. Go in and down the stairs. Lots of solid wood pieces from India, Indonesia, etc.

Before coming to Taiwan a storm came through where we live (or lived) and blew over a bunch of Stringy Bark Trees. The timber is tough hardwwod with a lovely grain. We milled and dried it and made a table.

Does anyone know where we may find a similar table in Taiwan? Is there a gallery somewhere that local furniture makers exhibit their work? Maybe we are dreaming!!!


When you’re looking for hardwoods in Taiwan, bear in mind that Taiwanese companies are the world’s worst offenders in terms of moving in to impoverished areas, offering the local authorities some “endorsements” to look the other way before illegally clear-cutting the old-growth forests there and completely decimating the local environment beyond recovery. A pattern repeated in Malaysia, Indonesia, Papua etc. In the States and Europe there are certification schemes to ensure the sustainability of forestry, but I’m not sure how it works here.


That’s a good point - perhaps I should just ship some timber over here and get things made. At least I know it is ethically gained and good stuff. I thought there might be an designer/maker that knew where the timber came from.

Good luck - if you find someone, let me know!

There is a guy in XiZhi named Martin. He is from Germany and he used to run a coffeeshop in the area not far from Lotus Hill. Check the Restaurant forum for Xizhi and restaurant of coffeeshop. I remember the thread had something to do with waiguo ren waiters.

By the way, that is no where near where my house is for sale which is a nicer area than the area over there that is way too crowded.

Anyone know where to good quality furniture. Desks, clothes and wardrobe cabinets, etc. Not the junky IKEA stuff that falls apart. Good solid furniture. Anyone ever use a carpenter to build some furniture again that was good quality.

Try a search. There was a very recent thread about exactly this subject, with a lot of useful info but I don’t have time to find it right now. Long story short, the answer is “yes. There’s absolutely NO need to waste your cash on cobbled-together rubbish from Ikea.”

Saw the post for Good quality Chinese furniture but was interested more in something to Western tastes. We have a friend who is carpenter, gave us quote. Three desks one for me, one for wife and one for our computer, wardrobe cabinet, TV cabinet and drop leaf table. About $3500 US dollars. Bit high but then again cannot seem to find things that fit to our room. We live in one room so need to use space wisely. We have seen our friends work and it seems to be good quality. Just looking for other possibilities before we sign on to do it!

US$3,500? That’s like NT$20,000 per piece. Sounds high to me, unless he’s doing the stuff in exotic hardwood. I recently got a massive hand-made mahogany dining table with drawers that seats 8 people comfortably, as well as a beautiful one-off hand-crafted teak coffee table for around NT$16,000 for both.
Of course, you’re paying top dollar for custom work to fit your place, and he IS your friend, of course, but still… there’s a lot of very high quality furniture out there – Taiwan is a major manufacturer of quality furniture.

If you go around the furniture streets, you can find stores with quality stuff. One is Nanchang Road between Fuzhou and Hoping West, another Wenchang Street (first alley south of Xinyi) between Guangfu and Tonghua.

Scanteak seems to have some nice stuff. We have two in Hsinchu, so you MUST have some in Taipei, but I’m too lazy to find out if this is actually true. Meanwhile, here’s a site for you: scanteak.com.sg/main.html (looks like they may be based in Singapore or maybe it’s just the Singapore homepage; at least you know it’s not held together with gum!)

Piin sometimes has nice stuff, and you can get the nicest things at antique shops, sometimes heirloom-quality stuff.

There is a Scantek (?) shop North of the Jientan MRT station, East side of Zhong Shan N. Rd., I think after the entrance of the University that sits in the hill there. Not cheap though I believe.

Else try the furniture streets, Wenchang (Xinyi) and Nanchang (Guting).


There is a Scanteak on Wen Chang, maybe the first intersection west of Kuang Fu.
But directly across from it is a place that’s all that heavy carved teak (?) stuff from Thailand.
We got a 6-seater dining room table and 4 chairs, all carved with pineapples and shit.
Not super cheap, maybe 25K (couple years ago, so Gawd knows what it would be now), but really nice wood and solid as a motherfucker.

Carved with pineapples?

Yes, those must have been very sharp pineapples.

I was staying at a mate’s place down near all those second hand furniture joints around the bridge end of Dingzhou Lu. A great array of product buried in there, but I recall you really need to fight tooth and claw to get a bargain!



Scanteak is probably the best in terms of quality wood furniture that I have seen here that is stylish (in a you can use it for years and it still looks fresh kind of way(important for long lasting hard wood furniture)) as well as convenient with a few chain stores around the city. Their service has been pretty good and we are really happy with their products. Be aware though, some of the furniture is so damn heavy I can’t even lift it.