WCIF rare CD stores in Taipei?

hi ,
i’m new here,
is there any place in taipei selling rare CDs from local indie bands from any genre like indiepop,postrock,shoegaze ?

I suggest you check out White Wabbit Records. They have two shops. One is at The Wall and the other in the Shi-Da area. The addresses are:

B1 No. 200 Sec. 4 Roosevelt Road, Taipei City (near corner of Keelung Road and Roosevelt Road in Gongguan) 台北市羅斯福路四段200號B1

No. 1-1 Lane 21 Pucheng Street, Taipei (obscure back alley off Shi-Da Road) 台北市浦城街21巷1-1號

Copy the addresses into Google Maps if you are not sure where they are.

Hi ,
thanks for your answer,
I live in Keelung Rd , so it must be near to TheWall :wink:

I live in Keelung (Jilong) Rd [/quote]

watch out for that bus!

Eslite near city hall and on Dunhua near zhongxiao is a good bet. wait I missed the word “local” in your post, not sure about that but still worth a look I guess.