WCIF Reeses Pieces?

Reeses Pieces seems to be the only junk food I really love that Taiwan didn’t seem to have when I was there in 2006. Anyway, Is there anywhere I can get them? I don’t want the cups just the pieces.

Thanks :notworthy:

I’d be happy with cups or pieces. I just haven’t seen either here. I would also like to find . . … damn! can’t recall the name, but in the States it’s those little licorice pieces covered in a hard shell of pink or white. I used to get them in the big jug at COSTCO. Sure miss those. Best alternative is the Panda Licorice (I think that was what it was called) in OZ that you could buy in any grocery market. Ahhh. I miss good licorice AND, of course, Reeses. DOH! A good BUS OP gone unanswered. Oh well, one of many.

I think Wellman’s in Tianmu has them.

THANK YOU! A store specializing in American Junk food, eh? (That’s what I read at least).

I miss:

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.
Almond Joy (I think I’ve seen the minis somewhere once)
so many others, Millionaires?

I guess I have to stick with Godiva.