WCIF region-free Blu-Ray/DVD player?

My ten-year-old DVD player has finally died.

Where can I find a nice modern one (with Blu-Ray capabilities and an HDMI port), with the caveat that it must be region-free (as I have a collection of DVDs from the US, Taiwan and Thailand)?


Thanks. I tried RT-Mart, where I’d got my last one (ten years ago they sold me a region-free one), but this time they said they couldn’t do that.

How do the DVD region codes map on to Blu-Ray players? For example, I guess Taiwan and North America are the same region for Blu-Ray: so does a Taiwanese Blu-Ray device play DVDs from both of those regions? Or is there a separate setting for Blu-Ray region code and for DVD region code?

I found a Philips BluRay/DVD player, and was able to google the code to make it region free. It worked, and now I’m a happy camper!