WCIF: Rennet

I want to start making home-made mozzarella and other cheeses and would like to find some rennet. I haven’t any idea where to begin trying to find this.

It’s called 凝乳酵素 ning2 ru3 xiao4 su4 or 凝乳酶 ning2 ru3 mei2 and it appears very difficult to come by in Taiwan. I read an article ( the link to which I can’t find now )! written by people running a cheese making workshop who couldnt find it locally and ended up ordering from overseas. Try a google search with the above Chinese and see what you come up with. Failing that you might have to order online.

Right. Might have to try that. Ordering it online. Would like to have some nice cottage cheese or other fresh cheeses.

Thanks for the reply.

I bought a book about cheesemaking a while back and have been planning to give it a go. I’ll be in the UK next month (where rennet is easily available) so I’ll let you know if I get hold of some. Easy enough to buy an extra bottle/packet. However, your other problem might be obtaining the milk. The stuff you buy in supermarkets here is, I think, high-temperature sterilized and homogenized. Most cheeses will fail (apparently) with this kind of milk. Anyone know differently?

Has anyone ever successfully found rennet?

I suggest you order from cheesemaking.com

Yeah, easily available by mail order. In Mexico, amusingly, it’s available at pharmacies. Go figure.