WCIF replacement capacitor for a floor fan

Taipei city. Model number cp305u25tl, 250v 3uF.

I found the model on ruten, but you know, it’s online noname stuff. Any alternative suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Guanghua or the shops nearby.

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It’s funny that is the exact brand I am replacing. Sometimes one would be excused for thinking that there is only one model of everything in Taiwan.

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when you make a million of something, you can pretty much outprice everyone else. and they have been in the game of discrete components for a long time.

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Likely you will find one in the first floor of Jinhua Electronics, in Guanghua

I was there a couple of weeks ago to find a capacitor and they have walls-full of small shelves with electric components.


AFAIK, this is likely the same model. Capacitors often change their ‘model numbers’ because they often incorporate date codes into the information. Newer ones are often smaller/more efficient. This should be exactly the same.

It looks the same exact mine has wires protruding, rather than terminals. I suppose they make both under the same model number.

This place. There is a tall woman with glasses who speaks very good English too.
If not, try the other stores opposite in the basement.
Exit the store, cross the street, just to the left walk down the stairs to B1, turn left and there is one store on the left and another at the end of the corridor.


You can always just solder wires.

Can I see a pic?

Or buy some push-on terminals. It’s possible to crimp them with pliers if you don’t have (or don’t want to buy) a crimp tool.

I bought a couple of motor run capacitors from 今華電子 a few weeks ago. They have a good selection, but terminals only; didn’t see anything with wires.

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I think they’re just soldered terminals that are wrapped in heatshrink. The one from Shopee is most likely going to take care of you. Little soldering and some heatshrink and you’ll be fine.

Sweet okay thanks.

I would have to solder the push on connector to the cut wire anyway right?

No, you crimp them, so the advantage of buying that sort of capacitor is that no soldering is required. I mean these things:


The Shoppee capacitor does not have tabs suitable for push-on terminals. Those are solder lugs.

Of course if you have a soldering iron then it doesn’t matter either way :slight_smile:

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This is actually a hail mary, I don’t even know if the capacitor is stuffed. I can’t even find my multimeter. The PCB powers up, no scorch marks anywhere. The motor is lubed well, pulled it apart the other day.

I just can’t put it out with all the other fans at cleanup day without trying something.

Thanks that is helpful. I can’t find my soldering iron, don’t even know if I brought it up here.

Those motor caps tend to fail slowly. If the fan has been gradually slowing down and humming, it’ll be the capacitor. If it stopped suddenly, could be something else.

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Thanks - I’ve been looking for a couple of these. I have been collecting the broken fans my neighbors tossed out to fix and most of them just have bad caps or gummed up rotor shafts.