WCIF: Roma Tomatoes


Hi! Title says it all. People always ask me to make the sauce my Nonna makes cause they wanna try real Italian. I know how to make it, but I can’t find any of the Romas that we use in my family.

Answers are much appreciated!

Wikipedia - Roma Tomatoes


Never seen 'em. Let me know if you find any!


Will indeed update if/when found.

The lack of Romas makes me really wanna buy a cheap plot of land in Sanzhi and cultivate them there.

This post is also a plea to anyone willing to keep an eye out. Google has very little to work with so I appeal to the community on my very first WCIF.


Some people here say they’ve seen them at Jason’s


Hmm. I’ll have to check. The one that was in Sansia (when I lived there) didn’t have any. Appreciated.

Will check on weekend at other locations.


They’re not saying you can definitely get them there. I wouldn’t make a special trip personally


You’re right. But this has been a yearslong ordeal as well.

Oh, I forgot to mention, looking for fresh ones as opposed to canned ones. I know some of the restaurants import them. My Nonna would kill me if she caught me using canned ones. It’s Sacrilege.


We never had that luxury in NY. Not sure if you can even really get them there now. But I assumed you meant fresh


I’ve seen them at City Super in Hsinchu, fresh (occasionally) and canned (always).


They sell them in both Niagaras because of the high concentration of Italians. Was possible to see them at Wegmans whenever I went to the states and always in Canadian Niagara as well.


And they were good? That would be more the issue :slight_smile:


Yeah, they were good. I found WNY Wegmans had high quality products. Sometimes the Italians in Canada (Nonna included) would run the stores out of tomatoes like Taiwanese run toilet paper so she’d send me to The States to buy some there.

Imagine the conversation I had with CBSA going back.


Cool. Fresh produce has come a long way over there, and food in general. I was pretty shocked one time recently when I got a very good Italian meal in a small place in the middle of Vermont. It wasn’t like that when I was a kid.


If you’re on the Canadian side, Johnny Rocco’s and Coppola’s are the ones to beat.


Ha, I live in NYC so we’re pretty covered on that score.


I’ve seen fresh ones before in Carrefour. The trouble is these sort of things come and go. Presumably they don’t sell well so they stop stocking them.


Tomatoes that are great for making “passata “ sauce are extremely hard to find in taiwan. This is because to make a good sauce you need tomatoes that aren’t as watery. In Italy the tomatoes are perfect for this but in Taiwan they are watery and no matter how long you cook them they don’t seem to let go of all the liquid. When I make it in taiwan I usually use the passata di pomodoro from Carrefour ( in the international product section) and 1/2 cherry Tomatoes, this way I don’t feel like a total failure because i’m Not starting from scratch and at the same time I get a pretty decent passata out of it


I wonder if that’s why Taiwanese “pasta” is nothing but red water and noodles.


Seen at Costco Zhongli, the last time I was there.


Yup is basically soup. I wouldn’t be surprised if the color was artificial too like 1% tomato 60% food coloring