WCIF single pool balls

Had a little pool competition with the mates last night and a few drinks. Long story short, one of the balls dropped a few stories from the rooftop and shattered into about 27 pieces. Does anyone know where I can buy a single number 10 pool ball, ideally in shop, so I can make sure I get one from a similar series? Blue stripe with black numbering.

Also, if anyone has recommendations for a good window glazing service in the Xinyi/Daan area, please let me know. It’s damn chilly these days!

Sounds like a big ask. Last time I needed a new cue I went to a pool hall and bought directly off them.

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sounds like a fun evening!

You had to pay for it? I got given a cue.

Why would they give you a cue?

They shouted “Four Cue” but he only took the one

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That’s always a good Taiwanese pun. Shoot (as in at goal) is pronounced fa-qu (發球).

Can’t somebody with a 3D printer just whip one of those up for you?

They liked me.

Lesbian by any chance? :grin:

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They may have identified as a lesbian.

Indeed. Just with some unfortunate consequences

I’m afraid the number 10 ball will behave differently from the others.

Diversity is strength. :sunglasses:

Rooftop pool is never about consistency of behaviour

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Just now the bloody earthquake messed up the game!

Your still paying with a ball short of a full set? :crazy_face:


We took out two to make it even. It’s good exercise and I’m enjoying it more than beer yoga. Neighbors still complaining about noise though…

Switch to 9-ball. A much better game, especially now you’re missing the 10…