WCIF Skateboard/Longboard stores?

I really wanna buy a skateboard. I checked the bicycle/scooter stores but they dont sell them. Where can i find skateboards/longboards? And how much do they cost here?

Yes I want to know where to buy skateboards also! I won’t be able to bring mine with me, only the trucks n’ wheels. And cost of blank or graphic boards would be nice to know as well.

Here’s one: skateboarding.com.tw/

I think there are more in Ximending around that area, a lot of people skate there, in front of the hospital on Emei and Kunming for one.

Longboards: Garrett Ball at the Rising Sun Surf Inn (Wai-Ao) sells Savage Longboards:


Skateboards: Jimi Skateshop near Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall is a great place to start. This Taipei Times article lists their address, as well as other skateboarding info;


@Tempo Gain, thank u! why didn’t i think about ximen, ive seen people skate there a lot!
@asiababy, wow thank u very useful!