WCIF smart plugs, smart bulbs, etc.?

WCIF smart plugs like Kasa TP-Link plugs, for home automation?


Same with smart bulbs.

Looking for a physical store in Taipei if there is one. I tried places like Tsann-Kuen and Shun-Fa to no avail.


I found this on their website. Usually you can if you look for a location finder etc. Didn’t look further to see if it will work though.


I’m afraid I’m of no help, but I’m curious what you find, and how useful you find the products - I confess smart-home tech is one of those things that I simply don’t (yet?) get.

Thanks, tempogain. I’ll check it out.

I like the fact that I can control lights from my phone or by voice command; that way, when I get home at night, I don’t have to stumble around in the dark trying to find the light switch (which is NOT by the door). I can also set the lights to turn on and off automatically according to schedules (which I can change remotely), thereby discouraging burglars when I’m gone for longer periods. And at night, when I’m about to go to sleep, I can tell Google Home “Good night” and it will turn off all the lights without me having to get up. I have some plugs already (brought from the US), but I’m looking for more, such as to control fans and other things.

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I saw some Opro9 products in Costco recently.

4 pack of smart plugs: https://www.costco.com.tw/Opro9/Opro9-Smart-Outlet-4PK/p/121536

4 pack of smart light sockets: https://www.costco.com.tw/Opro9/Opro9-Smart-Bulb-Socket-4PK/p/121537

Xiaomi also sell some smart home products, such as https://buy.mi.com/tw/item/3181200022

Xiami actually created a whole smart home bundle, which i can’t find on the website but might still be available in their stores.

I hope you have managed to find what you need . I am so proud of myself for not changing the title wording from “ smart” to “ butt” . Carry on . :smirk:I know … I’m 3 years old :pensive:


Why don’t you just tell your wife to turn the lights on and off?

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Ahh the old “ voice command “ . Never worked for me . I wonder if the Alexa thingy can do this remote enabling ?

Didn’t find any of the Kasa products here locally. I ended up bringing some back from the US along with some Philips Hue since they are half the price compared to here.

Smart lights are grate till the internet goes down in the middle of the night and you can’t turn the light on to fix the router :wink:

That’s why it’s wise to keep dumb lights around!

Philips hue work fine when internet goes down. You just flip the switch off then back on.