WCIF Someone to fix my f##ked XBox 360?

My XBox 360 finally succumbed to the hot summer weather and suffered the dreaded Red Ring of Death, or simply put, a complete effing hardware failure.

Having more than just tinkered around inside PC boxes for many years, and believing my beloved Box of X was out of warranty, I opened the bugger up to see if I just needed to push summat back into a socket somewhere. Twas not to be. It wasn’t an easy job getting into the thing, even with the help of various wesites that gave me ample instruction, and in the end there was nothing I could fix. However in doing so I broke the void if broken seal. I didn’t particularly care at the time but…

I since found out that Microsoft in their infinite wisdom had upped the warranty period for this fault to 18 months. B##tards! Like it was front page news. NOT. Why they didn’t just do a recall is beyond me.

Anyway, does anyone in flob.com land know of anywhere I can get my warranty voided XBox fixed?

Or, do I accept that I now have a very stylish brick?!?!?!

The Microsoft Xbox service line is 0080 144 4231 from 9:00-18:00

Apparently the warranty for this problem is extended to three years now.

They may or may not charge you since you’ve broken the seal but haven’t done anything to the inside.
If you PM the serial number of the machine I can call and ask?

The charge for fixing the problem with an expired warranty is 4200

these ppl in Taoyuan will fix it for 2000. They also sell warranty stickers for 1000.


You are a star of the brightest magnitude!

Roach (fluff fluff)

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Yes ?

After faffing around and not actually getting round to taking the damned thing for repair I decided to give it a go myself.

And I succeeded using the pencil eraser and double sided sticky tape method. How the f##k it actually works is a complete mystery to me but I’m very happy it did.

I used this site to help me work out how to disassemble the beast and I had to buy some torx screw drivers. Luckily I had a suitable eraser and sticky tape conveniently lying around…

Oh, and I replaced the heatsink compound with something beefier from 3C…

Hope this helps others…

i used the same procedure on a dead xbox weeks ago. i used pieces of erasers (the pink grainy kind) and thermal paste for the cpu/gpu. it has been working great ever since. just a reminder for others in the same situation: don’t forget to let the console heat up for at least 30 minutes after you put the case back together!!! it WON’T work right away, it has to heat up a bit for the motherboard to bend back to its normal position…

Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Just got a 360 for christmas!

Only 3 weeks and got the red lights.

Horrible, horrible product only played it maybe 10+ hours.

Now I’m stuck with it cause I can’t return it for a refund (damn 3C)

I know I have a 3 year warranty, just wondering if anyone knows where the MS repair
center is in Taipei and if I can go in in person? I’ve been having no luck getting through on the phone.



Sorry to hear what happened to you.
Microsoft extended the warranty to 3 years for all xbox 360 systems. So, I wouldn’t break the seal, and do any repairs by myself…

I also got myself a XBox360 for x-mas… also from the 3c store…
I have no problem so far…
Please share your experiences with Xbox service in Taiwan… where did you go etc.

Here some reads about failure rate of the xbox… (damn I should have read that before buying one…)
blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/digi … 129866.asp

Mr. Rice

best fix is at the playstation shop.

(flame on!)

It finally gave up the ghost so I just bought myself a shiny black PS3 instead!