WCIF someone who tried to wire money at Bank of Taiwan in Taoyuan City

I’m not sure where to post this; Mods, please move if necessary.

I just got a call from one of the employees of Bank of Taiwan–we’ve had a friendly relationship for years–asking if I had information about a foreigner who tried to wire some funds out of Taiwan through Bank of Taiwan. The employee said that the wire had been rejected by the receiving bank. The BOT employee has been unable to contact the foreigner (bad phone number?) and thought perhaps I knew him or her, which I don’t.

Anyway, just throwing this out there…if you’re reading this and you recently tried to wire money out of the Bank of Taiwan branch on Jing Guo Rd. in Taoyuan City, you might want to contact the branch.

I’m not posting the name here because I was half asleep when I got the phone call and I’ve already forgotten the name he gave me :doh:

EDIT: The Bank of Taiwan employee to contact is 鄭號纁 Zhèng Hào Xūn, English name Brian, at 03-326-3888 Ext.112