WCIF someone with a Zoom Webinar account that I can borrow/rent for one evening?

I understand that Zoom Meeting accounts can handle up to a maximum of 100 participants at once, but Zoom Webinar accounts can go as high as 500 or more.

Does anybody know the service in Taipei where I can use their Zoom webinar account for an event of about 150 to 200 people? I might need audio visual support as well (camera)

Or maybe it would be sufficient to livestream the event over FB or IG? Can anyone share their experience?

I imagine it would break Zoom’s T&C.

In Zoom meetings participants can have cameras, mic, etc in Zoom webinars they are limited to view-only.

I would say you are better off with Social media streams since people only use Zoom webinars accounts for a short period of time due to their additional cost.

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