WCIF sour cream?


Costco can be a bit random when it comes to stocking sour cream, the Neihu store has been out of stock at times when the Xizhi store has had it. I tend to find that the Xizhi store usually doesn’t run out of stuff as often as the other stores. Maybe cause there’s less foreigners going all the way out there :smiley:


You mean it has it or it is gone, too?[/quote]

It has it, and lots of other great stuff. I found the address:

Zhonghe, Yi-An Rd, L.118, 14

And it seems there are other branches:

Zhongli City - Huanzhong E Rd Sec 2, 762
Taoyuan City - Yong-an Rd, 281


Take fresh cream and add lemon juice! Voila!! :smiley:


Love these guys. They assume I even know what fresh cream looks like, let alone that I can fix this stuff.

Mayo, sour cream, yes it can be done at home, but you are talking to a lazy bum who prefers to take a nap on the sofa rather than fixing a meal.


Sorry if this has already been said (I"m sure it has but I’m not peering through 9 pages to check) you can buy sour cream at Costco and it’s quite cheap too. But of course there’s quite a bit of it, though as other have mentioned it does keep a while as it’s sour.


Yes, dear, it’s been said. Current problem is that there is not a tub of sour cream to be found in eitehr Costco Yongher nor Neihu.


Icon, I think I’ve figured out the issue. The other day I was in Taichung and found no sour cream (not even a box – and the clerks said they were plum out) at Costco, but in a nearby bakery/restaurant, there were no less than five tubs of the stuff.

I bet Costco is ordering it and then prioritizing business purchases. You’ve gotta get your cafe up and running! Order 10 tubs of the stuff and then (cough) distribute it to us laypeople.


Yes, dear, it’s been said. Current problem is that there is not a tub of sour cream to be found in eitehr Costco Yongher nor Neihu.[/quote]

damn… and I was going shopping this week… that’s quite odd I’ve never seen them out of stock of it for more than a day or two… did anyone ask when they were there?


I didn’t see any today (Neihu).


bastards… they are getting a piece of my mouthy mind if they don’t have any when I go in next :smiley:


Don’t be too hard on them, maybe they are just changing providers. Remember we were all upset about the mozzarela? Well, they changed into a different brand, larger package. Maybe we will have an even bigger tub of sour cream. :lick:


Last time I was in P&P Food and Spices I spotted small tubs in their cooler. I haven’t been there for awhile but it might deserve a check.


In case of extreme desperation I get mine from the bakery store in Dihua Street. They also carry the big tubs. :smiley:


Sour cream in 3-lb. tubs is on sale for only NT$97 (!) at Costco, or at least was as of last night.

EDIT: yeah, it could have been $79. :smiley:


I got it for 79. Expires July 18th, but it will be gone by then.

Sour cream (costco) + mexican style “cheese” (also costco) + masa (florida bakery) = cheese tortillas.


Shouldn’t this be in the Costco thread?
And even at regular price, sour cream is cheaper in costco than any of the super markets, only downside (depending on how you look at it) is the size of the tub…


Yeah, I’ll move a copy of the prices over there, thanks.


have a check here:
it’s a taiwanese wholesale for bakering products and kitchenware. Don’t know compared to Costco cause I don’t go there, anyway it’s cheaper than any bakering supply store downtown and has italian mascarpone cheese too, just for tiramisu lovers! :lick:


Any word on the current -and I emphasize current- availability of sour cream in Costco (or elsewhere, BTW, I’ve only seen it in City Super)? Xizhi, perhaps? I really do not want to head to Neihu just for the sour cream and be dissapointed. None in Yonghe, last time I was there.


The DIY baking store in Zhonghe always has sour cream and Mascarpone (much cheaper than the sour cream at Breeze or the Mascarpone at Carrefour). I saw them last Friday.