WCIF South Indian ingredients - specifically Urad dahl, poha for Idli


An leads on an Indian store in Taipei with Southern Indian cuisine ingredients will help. I’ve only managed to find one years ago with Northern stuff…


I only know of Trinity, which I guess is the one you found. There used to be a couple of Sri Lanka restaurants but not anymore I think

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Trinity’s got plenty of stuff; they’ve also got three branches, so one might have stock that others don’t. On their website, they have a bunch of “udad dahl” listed.


Great. Thanks so much for your trouble. They even stock Indian dress and handbags :smile:


I have a vague plan to go to Sri Lanka in late March or April. I’ll be bringing some random stuff back, so if anyone wants anything unavailable from Trinity, let me know.


I’m trying to drag the family there next holiday. Will be interested to hear any recommendations :slight_smile:


I’ll report back!


Just thought I’d mention, I had a look around at trinity’s website, it claims to be secure but the whole thing, including password entry is over http and not https. In other words anyone could capture your password. Better to go to the store or call to make your order.


Good point. To be honest it’s never even occurred to me to order by mail; I’ve always just gone to the store. (For what it’s worth, it’s also the best Taipei source I know of for dried beans and lentils.)

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