WCIF Sports Memorabilia Taichung

I’m actually looking for a place in Taichung that sell trading card holders, also called toploaders, or card savers, something like this:

And yes I checked all the stationary stores in my area and they don’t have any.

card game stores or book stores mostly.

Since I am not that familiar with Taichung… may I point you to…

class.ruten.com.tw/category/sub0 … 0300010008

Thank you, thats very helpful.

Has anyone every seen old Little League baseball pins for sale anywhere?

I have been looking for card size and postcard size ones for a while in Taipei. I found some “soft” ones , one card size, at the stationery stores around local schools, as kids collect “power” cards -sort of table games, kind of. But not the hard ones as in the States, haven’t seen those yet. Please let me know if you find some.

Well I end up buying them online. They are the ones I’m looking for, trading card size. The other I was also looking for are not available here, the are called “Card Savers” They are semi rigid. I gonna need to buy a box from overseas, nevertheless the shipping is almost double the price.

Yep, shipping is a killing. I always end up paying almost double for the items just for shipping charges. BTW, insist in air mail, never, ever surface mail -slow boat to China.

I haven’t seen any but I will try to locate a few of these shops, I’ll let you know if I see any.

Right. But from US out they don’t have Air Mail anymore for packages, they only allow priority or express mail. The smallest box is 15 USD and is only slightly bigger than a VHS box. Everything else is 45 USD or more. They don’t even have the cheaper book shipping rates anymore.

For 45 usd, I’d do EMS.

I was thinking of doing a weekend shopping in HK, where they should have this stuff, me thinks. Here in Taipei I just get the look…

I appreciate it, TexMex.