WCIF Sprite Zero?

I finally cleaned my Carrefour out of Sprite Zero in the 600ml bottles. I was ready to move on to the 355ml cans, but now they seem to be gone too. I tried another Carrefour, Wellcome, RT Mart, Cost Co, nada.

I even tried asking my local 7-11 if I could order some. They used to have it. The guy told me it didn’t sell well and they don’t stock it anymore period. He said Family Mart did, but the one I asked also said the same thing.

Anyone know where there is still some Sprite Zero kicking around?

Typical Taiwan: introduce a new product, then take it off the market…

Like that doesn’t happen in other countries as well, I remember black Fanta as a kid, it was a mixture of Coke and Fanta and afaik it was only sold in Sweden.
I don’t do diet drinks anyhow, so I’m not really to concerned, but it would be nice to see some more “healty” fruit based drinks here that doesn’t have a ton of added sugar and various other strange things in them.

I saw some cans in a Matesui (sp?), I didn’t notice if there were there before or whether they got some more in. I only go there because my local supermarket (another big chain) refuses to stock Coke Zero (and they wonder why they “don’t sell well”)

Funny thing is, Coke Zero sells very well.

Where is this place? I’m willing to go check it out. If they still have stock, I’ll buy it from them.

I talked to a manager at Carrefour today and she said regarding Sprite Zero and getting more, that it was “ting zhan”. I’m assuming that means not being produced anymore. I find that hard to believe though. Sprite Zero has not been discontinued by the Coca-Cola Co. as far as I know. Maybe here it has been. Who knows…