WCIF spy cam

I think my roommate has been secretly taking money from me when i’m not in my room. Is there a store where they sell small hidden cams so I can catch him red handed and maybe take legal action. BC confronting him, knowing him, he will just deny it.

i’m sure guang hua sells them

Where is it?


Maybe you already know this but You need more than just a cam. You need to decide if you’re going to have live video, recorded video and storage, and or a camera that only turns on when movement is detected. The most simple one would be to just get the same one the taxi driver uses that record over over itself every 8 hours or so and then you could just go back and review. But then that takes a challenge to go back and review that many hours of video. It is better to have one that starts automatically when it movement is detected.

My first step would be to Guanghua electronics market and the shops along badalu.

My first step would be to stop leaving money in my room. :2cents: