WCIF t-shirt printing shop?

I’m looking for a shop that will print a t-shirt up, as in put a logo or design on a plain t-shirt. Anyone know where in Taipei a guy might be able to do that?


I know a place in Linkou that does them for races, events & stuff. But they’ll want a minimum order of 100. Is that you?

Yikes. 100 eh? Well, possibly. All depends on pricing of course. Do you have some contact info you can get me?

A lot of Fuji / Kodak photo labs advertise that they can print photos onto T-shirts. Presumably, as long as you have a design or logo that’s a JPG or TIFF they could probably do that too. I’ve no experience with it though.

There’s a place upstairs in the Wannian building in Ximending that will print up just about anything, including a t-shirt. Third or fourth floor, by the elevators.

A recommendation is best in these circumstances.

I used to know a place that did it with well made t-shirts for 295 a shirt, but they stopped that service.

Another place did it and when I went to collect the cotton t-shirt, they gave me some polyester crap and said the place that did it for them had no more cotton ones left (they had taken a big order).
Great customer service. They lost a customer as I had planned about 10 more shirts.

So, I too would be interested in a recommendation.

This is the Linkou company. We ordered 110 running singlets, with logo, they worked out at $270 each.
We had some issues with sizing at first, but they were pretty good with revisions.
Delivered when they said they would.

Their preference for the logo was in Adobe Photoshop format, which we didn’t have. I provided them with an .svg file produced from Inkscape, which worked out in the end, but Abode would’ve been easier.

I’d use them a second time, I think.

English not spoken.

For small orders you can try Terry T Murray in Jhubei, Hsinchu (find him on Facebook). T-shirts, bags, mugs.

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