WCIF....Tailor for Fitted Shirts

Hi Guys,

So for the longest time I had when to the two Peters who ran the tailor shop next to Caesars Hotel near Taipei Main. Sadly, it is now some sort of teach shop.

The place had great quality material and awesome fit for price ranging from $800 - $1500 NTD based on material. Does anyone know a great tailor with good selection is relatively the same price zone. Preferably around central Taipei. Thanks in advance all!

I used “Johnny Tailor” in Taipei. I had him make me a half dozen shirts and I’ve been super satisfied. He keeps my measurements. I specified 100% cotton only.

I look forward to the second round. I’m going to bring the one nice Borelli shirt I have and one of his shirts and tweak the size and details. Like him a lot. nice fabrics.

OK, in contrast I’ve been there and haven’t been satisfied at all. Shirts were poorly fit and made from a cheap material. My brooks brothers shirts are way better.

I’ll be in the market for a suit in about a month, and would also like to know where I should be looking.

Wow this guy is closed? That’s a damn shame…

hmmm. I think he did a good job and am satisfied. I dislike BB because they make so many in that ‘no iron’ material.

maybe HK for a suit.

for shirts - Gentle Handleman in the basement of Howard Hotel

(though it took them a second try to get the fitting right for me)

i go to James tailor on Linsen Road.

Had a suit made at Joseph Tailor in Taipei next to the Landis Hotel for about NT$ 20,000. Very happy with the fit. He threw in a free shirt, which normally goes for NT$ 1,000.

Recently heard about Proper Cloth (US$ 20 discount if you go in via this link Proper Cloth) - where they get your size by asking you questions, not by submitting your measurements

But lately, I have been thinking of ordering some from Ministry of Supply. Has anyone had any good or bad experience ordering from here?

I was curious about Proper Cloth’s sizing method and tried it out. Custom shirts go for US$ 120 to 150 each / NT$ 3,500 to 4,400 according to xe.com

Here is there shipping policy for Taiwan if I ordered today