WCIF Terumo Elemano Blood Pressure Monitor

My mom is always on my case about my blood pressure and she scoffs at the (really convenient) digital BP that I use. I’ve noticed my cardiologist here seems to like using Terumo’s Elemano BP Monitor (pictured above), which is kind of a hybrid manual/digital model. I’m wondering you know where I can pick one up. I’m going home to see my folks later this week, so I think it would be a nice gift to give her.

I’ve searched PChome and Ruten to no avail. I’d ask my doctor here, but then I’d have to take time off work to guahao(!) :idunno:

My mom is “old school”, and favors monitors like this one (which isn’t particularly handy)

I have similar question. WCIF a good quality portable BP monitor? Could not find one on PCHome.

You mean like that one old school or modern ones? Modern digitals are available at almost any pharmacy, also good deals at Cosmed or even Watsons.

Now, around every hospital here there are a myriad of stores selling medical equipment. Such a special old school thing I think maybe around Taida Hospital or Chang Kung. Honestly though, I do not think I have seen it live, even at the doctors.

I use a cheapo Omrom that I got in japan for about a 1000 NTD, but here it is like 2000 something.

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Either one is is fine as long as it is portable/not heavy. Will check out at watsons.

I got wildly different readings at a hospital on different machines.

Try to get one made in Japan. They may carry Japanese brands but made in China. Get an arm one, wrist ones are not very reliable, or so says my doc.

I am still looking for that hybrid Terumo but have not had any success. Unfortunately, my doctor then and her nurse were not helpful – they didn’t know. To be fair, at the OPD, they don’t necessarily bring their own equipment when it’s their shift.

Lately, I’ve been tracking my BP more closely, but not bec of any particular health issues - no incidents or warnings, I’ve just recently switched doctors because I moved house and my new doc asked me to track.

I’ve also been shopping for lighter, easier to handle BP monitors for my folks. I’ve recently bought an Omron digital one with am cuff for from Costco when I noticed a sale going on when I was there. It was only slightly cheaper than a very similar model I got for myself recently (an unfamiliar brand from Taiwan or China) at a neighborhood pharmacy.

That Terumo was different though, and I’ll keep looking for it