WCIF Thai rice biscuits (Nang Let/ ขนมนางเล็ด ข้าวแต๋น)


In Taipei somewhere - long shot - but putting it out there. Biscuits of very dry puffed rice dotted with caramel, they look like this. Thanks for any leads…



I feel like I’ve seen them from time to time. Maybe just make your own lol, biscuits of dried puffed rice are not hard to come by. Maybe Burma Street in Zhonghe would be a start


Thx I might end up making them. Was going to check out Burma st at some point anyway. Was worried if it was still a thing, or if it had become just another row of scooter garages and mobile phone case shops…


There’s Thai stores in Xinzhuang too. Bit out of way though, and locations seem to change often