WCIF the best place to buy clothes for skiing

In Taipei. Warm clothes gloves, jacket, outer shell, hat, goggles.

Xinyi Road, south side, between Fuxing and Qianguo.

Thanks. That is around AIT right?

Yep, exactly.

URANUS stores are also well equipped with snow gear.

There is another cluster of mountain climbing equipment stores at the intersection of Zhongshiao and Zhongshan road in Taipei.

There’s an outlet store in Yonghe called Made in Taiwan that sells winter wear, including some ski wear, for extremely reasonable prices. It’s a bit of a slog to get there, but the bargains make it well worth the effort.

No. 51, Yongheng Rd., Yonghe

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Plenty of spots in Taipei.
I got my gear at All Ride in Neihu:

All Ride

Picked up all the necessary gear for my annual Hokkaido boarding trips.