WCIF The New York Times and Other International Newspapers?


You think your list of places where you can read it in the city is complete? Seems so odd if there actually only is only one breakfast place where you can read it, woolomoolo. I would love to try something else, but until I find another place with morning newspaper I’m stuck with woolomoolo.


Don’t be stuck with it; enjoy it!



My list is only places I’ve checked myself.

Hoping people have some more places.




I had a digital subscription a couple years ago and it just didn’t seem to match the same content as the daily newspaper in all sections. I even compared the two whenever I found a paper copy. The news matched but other sections like arts or entertainment didn’t. And sometimes I just could not find the digital version of an article in the paper copy.


Hotels allowing scruffy foreigners (non guests) to catch up on the Sunday New York Times? Fantastic. Do we have to pretend to be guests? Is a jacket and tie required?


The key is to act with confidence. Walk in like you own the place. Greet the staff with a quiet nod. And then go about your business.