WCIF TimTam?

love that stuff, is it available here somewhere? Would even go with the indo version… but would prefer the original ones. Any hints?

Costcos. They have the dark chocolate one (which is the best one anyway…)


haven’t tried these guys but they look promising:


They even have a special Tim Tam page at: cravingaustralia.com/catalog/timtam-biscuits/

Prices seem reasonable and the cost of postage isn’t too bad either… i’d try them myself if I weren’t going back home for the summer.

nice, will check it out. Thanks!

The Indonesian version is often available at one of the little Indonesian supermarkets: there’s one in the maze of passages between Q-Mall and the red line MRT entrance, underneath main station. Although I have no idea how to give directions between the two, if you just go from the red line to Q-Mall underground, you should walk by the Indonesian market it. Cheap too!

I’ve been to Neiju and Xizhi Costco… no timtam… :frowning:

I’ll check qmall next time I gonna be there…

The Costco in Zhonghe used to have Tim Tams but haven’t seen them there recently. Checked again last night and unfortunately none. Luckily I just came back from Oz and brought back a wide variety of the new flavours and originals :slight_smile:

In the UK we have Penguin Bars which are exactly the same, so you could go looking for those instead.