WCIF US southern country food?

I don’t know if there is such a restaurant, like a croker barrel. Places with food like chicken fried steak, biscuit and gravy, fired okra etc. I miss some southern comfort food.

Jake’s in Tienmu comes to mind. Haven’t been there in a long time though. Maybe more Mexican/diner on a quick look.

Texas Roadhouse is the only place I recall seeing throw the “Southern” label around on its menu, but it’s probably not really what you’re looking for.

Menu link: Texas Roadhouse 德州鮮切牛排

pretty close, I guess I can’t get my expectations too high. But they do have chicken fried or country fried steak.

You may break the internet by asking a question impossible to answer.

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Whoah, pasting the link automatically adds the image?! I didn’t expect that. Maybe I should have chosen a more relevant page.

I added the images

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I wonder if those sides from texas road house are really made from scratch lol.

Maybe one of the western BBQ places like Franks, Baba Kevin, Mighty Quinn. MIghty Quinn has Sweet Potato pie listed on the menu.

is it just me or is a lot of western food in Tianmu

Not really, these days. No more than anywhere else in Taipei, maybe less

Oh, there’s also Nola Kitchen (紐澳良小廚), purportedly New Orleans food. I noted this place down ages ago and then totally forgot about - I’m curious if anyone’s tried it. Looks to be walking distance to the south of Xiangshan MRT Station.

Website: http://www.nola.com.tw
Facebook: Nola Kitchen 紐澳良小廚 - 信義象山店
Most relevant page of menu:

I was there a few years back, the Taipei Main branch. I was pretty underwhelmed.

Ah. That’s too bad.

:ponder: Biscuits are dead easy to make. I’ve never made gravy (vegetarian wife). But heck, even a gravy cube and homemade biscuits would probably be better than what you’d find in Taipei. Okra’s usually available here, but I’ve never succeeded in cooking it in a way that it wasn’t a slimy vile dish.

Biscuits are really easy. I hate okra :sick:

ARE THERE 5 Nola Kitchen in Taiwan? I see two in Taipei. One near Xiangshan and one near Shandao Temple behind Sheraton Hotel. The menu looks like a typical Taiwan-style western place with some pasta dishes, some rice dishes, and some specialty dishes.

Okra and eggplant both, I thought I hated them, but a few times I’ve had them in dishes that were fantastic. I’ve never successfully made a dish I liked with either. I guess they’re very unforgiving to cook with.

I have too much Italian blood to hate eggplant.

If I remember correctly, The Diner has chicken fried steak. The real, pounded and tenderized chicken fried steak.

I mention that because a Western style restaurant here in Taoyuan added “chicken fried steak” to their menu. I excitedly ordered it, only to be served a regular steak that had been breaded and deep fried. :disappointed:

Gotta cook Western food for yourself. Made biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast yesterday, and also some red chile posole for lunch/dinner.