WCIF Used Cisco Routers and Switches?

I called Cisco’s Taipei office and they weren’t much help. They just gave me some numbers to local retailers. One retailer said to try the Guanghua computer area. I’ve never seen any Cisco equipment there, but I’m going to head down there this weekend unless someone here knows better.


Well nothing panned out at Guanghua. Just got the run around from one retailer
NN: Do you know where I could find used cisco equipment?
Retailer: You can’t get cisco equipment here in Taiwan.
NN: Oh. Cisco has an office here.
Retailer: Well, if you give me a list of what you need I can get them for you.
NN: Where are you getting them from?
Retailer: Oh, you can’t get cisco equipment here.

So, I checked Yahoo Taiwan’s auction site and I found a bunch of stuff. I just bought enough equipment for a decent home lab to train on.

Anyway, thanks for all your input . :wink:

Hi NN,

Just sent you a PM.

Got most of my equipment last Thursday. Getting the last of it tomorrow. For future reference for anyone looking, there seems to be one or two companies on Yahoo! Taiwan’s auction site selling used equipment. I have no complaints with the one I bought from. The prices are in line with Ebay in the US and from other sites discussing used cisco equipment.