WCIF Vinyl LP's?

Ok I just got back to Taipei and to my shock I forgot tower records has closed worldwide …anyways I’m a dj and does anyone know where you can buy records now???

Anyone know where I can find vinyl for sale??? Comeon Dj’s there has to be somewhere in Taipei??? help???

Try Heyou at Guanghua Market.

there’s one in the alley where mr paco’s restaurant is, same side of street. sorry, don’t know exact address. it’s a lane between chungxiao, ren ai, an he rds and yenchi street. parallel to ren ai, the second alley from it i believe.

IS that market the one on Rosevelt road??? COuld you give me a description on how to get there???

And the other store?? I tried looking for it this morning but I couldn’t find Mr paco either… I did see a place that that had music notes on the sign…could that be it?? help help …i’m incompetent

I think eslite bookstore has quite good collection of music. Here is the website(only in Chinese): eslitebooks.com/cgi-bin/esli … oid=-32980

Eslite also has one big store open 24hr in Tapei but I am not sure where it is.

There is one little shop just across the Chung-hsiao Tower Store selling vinyls. Not much you can find. Try HMV UK on the internet. Cheap and bigger collection.

no, intersection of Bade rd and bridge going from Xinsheng S. rd to Sungjiang Rd

start on zhongxiao, walk into lane next to ming yao dept store… close to renai you will see a candy store on corner of another lane… make left here… it’s a storefront… if it’s not there it must have been the next alley towards zhongxiao… sorry not to be more exact

don’t you like mailorder?

Eslite also has one big store open 24hr in Tapei but I am not sure where it is.[/quote]

corner of Anho and Dunhua.

What kind of music are you looking for? If it’s just any old thing, then try the second-hand store in the lane behind the Sunrise department store (NE corner of Chang’an and Fuxing).

There’s also vinyl in the basement store on the east side of Chongqing South Road. It’s probably around Xiangyang Street, but I don’t remember for sure. To find it, walk south on Chongqing and look for the album covers just inside the narrow stairwell. This is a good place for kitchy Taiwanese album covers.

More vinyl (mainly of classical music) in the used CD store on the second (third?) floor of a place on a lane parallel to Zhongxiao West Road, a little southwest of Nova).

Another store worth checking is very close to the corner of Zhongxiao East Road Section 4 and Yanji Street. It’s just south of Zhongxiao and just west of Yanji. But you can’t get there from Yanji. Walk west on Zhongxiao from Yanji and then take the first left. Then take the first(?) right. It’s near a hair salon.

The ridiculously overpriced Mondrian CD store is also near there. Go in the clothing store and then take the spiral staircase in the back.

Most of the vinyl in all these places is crap – and overpriced crap, at that. But you might find something worthwhile if you look enough.

Well I’m looking for house/trance/prog kinda music…but I’m beginning to think the internet might be the best place???

Does anyone know where Rose Records is? I was told they carried some old Elvis Presley cd’s.

I think, from reading other threads, that there might be some vinyl in a flea market under FuHe bridge -other than that, is there anywhere I can find vinyl LP’s?


There’s a secondhand music store in a basement on Yong Kang Street, just off Xinyi Rd. They have a ton of LPs, plus CDs, DVDs, VCDs, magazines, books. It’s a pretty cool place. I stumbled across it by accident when we were looking for a place to eat, so all I remember is that it was on the left when we were coming from Xinyi, and I think it’s almost on a corner. I think their sign should be easy to spot, though.

The shops in Taibei, TaiZhong (TaiChung) and the one called ATT in Kaohsiung (Gaoxiong) listed on this web site all sell vinyl:
A number of other places do exist. It depends what style of music you are looking for as to which ones you should be going to.

Posts here are a bit old…

Can someone point to some shops for vinyl records (LP, 12" or whatever) in Taipei? Is anyone else addicted to buying vinyls? Mostly avant garde music and also dance, or anything new or old.

I found that ESLite (Zhongxiao-Dunhua branch) is really getting vinyl back into the store, but they’re expensive. I don’t care if it’s 300g quality vinyl… you can’t even listen to the records before buying them! Most records are above 800 NT$.

I used to think it’s impossible to have a good club/techno/hardcore scene here in Taiwan because you just can’t get the records here; there are no such record shops and it won’t change. However, I found out it’s really cheap to order from the UK and ship to Taiwan, e.g. Chemical Records (cheapest shipping, 5 records about 7.50 UK pounds = 450 NT dollar) or Juno Records. But the choice in online record stores worldwide is amazing these days. And you can pre-listen every record and every track.

ever heard of amazon.com?

Do they sell online?

The obvious… no seriously, I’ll check that out. Thanks.

Try Mollis Books, in Gonkuan. There is one outlet next to Madame Jills Vietnamese food. Also in Gonkuan, right on Roosevelt, the second hand stores still carry LPs with dance music.

The place I buy 90% of my LP are from Jingo Records which is a 10min walk from the Minqien MRT.
Very good classical selection.
Good Jazz selection
Good pop vocal selection
good rock selection.
Price for used is between 250NT to 400NT. Picked up some Reprise recordings from Frank Sinatra, Keely Smith and Sammy Davids Jr., that were pressed by Compo in the 60s. Compo which was based in Quebec had one of the best pressings plants in North America. Also picked up a near mint condition copy of Peter & Sophia (Peter Sellers and Sophia Loren) on Parlaphone pressed by PYE. Was also surprised to find a copy a rare copy of an album Columbia Records released in 1968 called Marcel Marceau On Record in Stereo. What the album? 43mins of silence. So funny! Jingo also has a very nice selection of turntables starting around 15,000NT and tube amps and pre-amps starting at 7000NT$.