WCIF: White Hot Chocolate

Title says it all! Saw an interesting thing online and calls for White Hot Chocolate. If you see it, I’d highly appreciate it! Thanks!

I guess it would be in powder form like normal hot chocolate.

What’s it for? It would be a lot easier to get some white chocolate and find a recipe to make it from that, if that would work.

Website suggested to add a blueberry teabag into white hot chocolate. Wanted to try it out.

Google popped up a bazillion recipes, I guess it’s a Starbucks thing.
All you need is white chocolate chips and cream and whatever flavours you want, it looks simple.


Well then, get the best quality white chocolate bar you can find or better yet a 70NT Carrefour one and cook some up!

It was on a website suggesting ‘Secret menu items for Tim Hortons’ :grin:

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Most baking supply stores will have the chips, or can at least order them

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Ok. Thank you.