WCIF Wonton wrappers or Spring Roll wrappers. Just the wrappers in Daan area

Want to make my own vegan/vegetarian wontons and spring rolls. Where can I find JUST the wrappers? I’m in the Daan area. Grocery store only has pre-made frozen wontons.

Since no one has replied to you…
Go to Carrefour to the fridge’s area, near the baozi’s. You’ll see tortilla-looking packs, that’s the wrappers you can use for the spring rolls.

Thank you

Not in Da’an, but this thread has a good list of stores that would sell them.

forumosa.com/taiwan/viewtopi … &p=1478714

Additionally, I’ve seen them in Jason’s in 101, but there are much more expensive there.

I’ve seen this restaurant in blogs, but never went inside.


Sometimes they sell dry groceries and may have the spring roll wrappers.