WCIF wooden rubber stamp for chopping my new email address on namecards

Where can I make a rubber stamp of my email address to use on my namecards?

My company made me a whole bunch of namecards which I don’t want to waste. They are nice cards

My problem is that the email they used for me changed. I have been crossing out the old address and writing in my new one, but my handwriting is crappy and it doesn’t look neat or professional

I know where to get namechops made, but I do not know where to have simple and small text stamps made. I expect the usual namechop places will only have one typeface, the one that is very thin and elongated in height. Am I left to go to print shops like Sir Speedy, or can I find somewhere less expensive (like where Sir Speedy outsources jobs like this to)?

I haven’t used business cards in several years and didn’t care much about them when I did, but I feel like any solution you do here that isn’t just printing new cards is going to look somewhat messy/unprofessional, especially to the people who do care about business cards.

Stamping a new email address on top would seem among the messier options to me, notwithstanding things like the legibility and water resistance of the ink. Maybe just print out some glossy labels if you really want to change the existing cards? I’d definitely consider just getting them reprinted though, irritating though that is.


Go to any one of the many Chinese chop shops, they should sell what you want.

This is basically how I feel as well. And the namecards in question were actually not expected - it’s an American firm and I do some consulting for them. They printed so many and I had no intention of using them. However, since there actually are (some) trade shows going on here and I have been going to in-person meetings after all, I have come to realize these are actually quite handy. And as I mentioned, they are very nicely made so I don’t like mussing them up with my pathetic scrawl.

I’m doing that and will report back any useful findings. Past experience, however, makes me skeptical. I am hopeful someone here has had an unexpectedly good experience to share

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