"We are not gold diggers" - Vietnamese wife in Taiwan

Pretty interesting article of the state of affairs of both relationships in Taiwan as well as the treatment of S.E Asians here. The dude’s family seem pretty cool though, unlike the horror stories posted here all the time :disappointed:.

Taiwanese women calling someone else out for only caring about money.
That’s rich, man.


All woman are gold diggers. It’s not dependent on nationality.


Yeah, gold diggers my ass. More like the goose that laid the golden egg.

You guys should see how they treat workers in Malaysia, it’s pretty ugly. I’ve never seen anything like this.

We went to see many apartments that had rooms for maids/caregivers. Their rooms are connected to the outside via a back balcony for laundry and dry kitchen so it’s not even a room attached to the main apartment. The rooms are smaller than a jail cell. I was told many people lock them in there when they’re not working to prevent escape. And they give as low as 300 USD a month for a full time live in worker. I’ve never seen anything like it, it’s really sad. My current maid is pilipino and said she ran away from her first family because of terrible treatment like that.

They’re also so mean to dogs here. They think dogs are dirty creatures, especially the Muslim Malays. I’ve seen dogs cleaner than some of them but they hate dogs for some reason.

Is it much worse than in Taiwan?

In South America even the maid rooms in apartment are not connected to the main living areas. They get a different entrance door to the apartment too directly into the kitchen. That’s true in big cities in South America. So I don’t see anything different here.

But maids over there have very good work rights, same as all employed people. They have month long paid vacation, sick leaves, maternity leave, private health insurance and even retirement plan all paid by the employer (the household family). It is becoming so costly to have a live in maid that the deal now is just hire uber maids, you just pay per day or hour and when you get back from work she has already cleaned everything.

But even with a live in maid, even a babysitter, why would I want my employee to live with me all the time? I mean, if she wants to go out during the night and be back anytimeit is her business. He has a whole kitchen, the bedroom and her private bathroom all by herself. What is I want to get funny on the sofa in familytime? She has to be there? It is good for both sides. Nothing wrong with that.

As for the Malay locking them, now it is a complete different story.

I don’t know. We’ve always given caretakers 2-3x the market wage and at least 2 of them to rotate for time off for each of them. Given them their own rooms in the house. I’m sure some people are are just as evil or worse than the conditions in Malaysia. I see a lot of people put up ads for Indonesian workers for illegal wages below the min. And lots of “agents” that take 3 months wage for finding the job.

But are their rooms the size of a closet with a toilet that’s also the shower and sink?

What’s the minimum in Taiwan? 22k?

Definitely not. Full size room with her private bathroom. Both full size for a single person.
But again, even in Taipei they are renting like 10k month a room as you described with a sink and shower in it. Disgusting. And people pay for it.
I have heard some SE people who charge the maids for living expenses. Rental and utilities bill. Oh man

Yes, not great either. But seeing how college grad stand to make 28k starting off, I don’t see it being any better for now. But it’s the work condition and treatment that worries me. I think the conditions are worse in Malaysia, the Malays I’ve talk to see nothing wrong with it. Just how it is to them and even encourage being mean to the workers to “keep them working hard”

You paid 60k for your caretakers? Were they for elderly care or maids?

45 usually unless they have special qualifications. But we do a lot of vetting and expect them to be really professional and attentive which I think is fair. We also have a nurse that comes and checks. This was for my grandpa and grandmother before they passed away. We didn’t want them to go in a hospital, so we made one of our houses like a hospital room with equipments and such.

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Why is it that non-whites treat the lower classes so poorly?

Idk, also animals. They hate dogs here. People throw rocks at them and abuse them. They think they’re dirty creatures. My dogs are literally cleaner than most of these people.

They have claw machines that had lobsters as prizes.


Or maybe you’re just not someone they want to take seriously because of that attitude. FFS


If you make a comment like ‘all women are gold diggers’, the problem is you.


Dogs are unclean animals in Islam. Since Malaysia is Muslim, makes sense that they don’t like dogs.