We aren't geeks!

The typical Internet user – far from being a geek – shuns television and actively socializes with friends, a study on surfing habits said on Wednesday.

[quote]The study does however support some long-established Internet usage trends including the fact that the wealthiest segments of the population are the most avid users and that more men than women surf the Web. But figures vary widely by country.

For example, the gender gap is most pronounced in Italy and smallest in Taiwan. According to the study, 41.7 percent of Italian men are online compared to 21.5 percent of Italian women. In Taiwan, the difference is 25.1 percent for men and 23.5 percent for women. [/quote]

The Taiwan figure is wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s closer to 100% :slight_smile: No way it’s only 1 out 4 online.

[quote]Despite the existence of countless spoof Web sites and message boards that carry oddball political rants, more than half of Internet users surveyed said “most or all” of the information they find online is reliable and credible.

The most trusting users are in South Korea while Swedes are the biggest skeptics about the veracity of Web news. [/quote]

Huh? What’s so untrustworthy about my favorite news source,
survivalistneonazidudepostingfro … lorado.com ?

Excuse me, I’ve worked long and hard for my geek status, and no damn study’s gonna take it from me. Mwahahahahaha! :slight_smile:

I am an accountant and I am a geek… at least ppl at the clubs think so. :blush:

I wonder how they distributed the surveys…

Geeks can be cute & sexy. My Chinese teacher is (by his own admission) a bit of a geek. And, I agree. :slight_smile: However, I still think he’s cute – geeky-cute/nerdy-cute. And, when he sticks his tongue out while he’s thinking… hubba, habba. :blush: :laughing: Is that so wrong???

Some of the report seems to describe me well. I havent watched television in years and since getting a fast dsl line it seems almost pointless. But it has absolutely ruined my reading habits. I find it much more difficult to concentrate on a single novel when the majority of reading is on screen where all we do is scan.

Don’t think I’m a computer geek - though I wish I was.