We Can't spell

Anybody tried the CC button on youtube?

Transcribe Audio is still in its beta stage. It uses google’s speech recognition technology to provide automated captions for video.

This is a lesson on Synthetic Phonics Teaching.

Even google admits it can’t spell. Have a look at 2:51 (click on the small triangle and then click on transcribe audio or click on CC and then transcribe audio )

How many ESL/EFL students are using this service?

It doesn’t appear to change anything.

try this:

go to youtube.com

search for: The Power of Synthetic Phonics Teaching - Debbie Hepplewhite

Once you have the video on your screen, look for the red CC icon at the bottom of the video. Mouse over it. Options should appear. Click on transcribe audio. click on OK.

google’s speech recognition technology does a terrible job of transcribing the audio.

A simple phonics lesson sounds like military propaganda with references to Iraq and Iran.

The teacher says “We can spell” and it gets transcribed to “We can’t spell”