We don't ALL speak English

to all the unuhappy complainers,

for better or for worse,
it’s chinatown, baby.

that’s it.

opinions are like assholes. everybody has one.

It’s getting so repetitive the way this and several other threads are just goign back and forth between those who hate Taipei and are only in it for the money, and those who like it here. You could say it’s jsut two points of view, but consider this:

I’m a Taipei lover, but I can see why people don’t like this place. Probably one or more of the following: They prefer fresh air and the countryside. They can’t speak Chinese and are not interested in Chinese culture. They would really like to be at home. They’re working to hard. They don’t have a motorcycle so can’t esily get to the nice parts of the city and its surroundings. They just don’t like busy crowded cities.

So why can’t the Taipei haters understand that some people really like this place. Not only do they insist that their opinions are right but anyone else who doesn’t hold them must be deluding themselves with some kind of hippy intoxication of the orient, or be a loser who’s found their niche.


I agree with Brian. Taipei rocks!

[this is a test]



Dammit you’ve ruined the blind test.

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It is quite a funny gravedig, though, just to hear perspectives from 20 years ago. Mostly cringe-worthy.


The best is when the newbies rock up and reply to the OP from 20 years ago. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@system does not compute any more

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System malfunction.

@system was pretty chatty back in the day.


So glad @system is no longer posting. What a dick they were…


What the hell is this thread about? I lost patience after two or three posts…

Yeah, I just wanted to post or ask WTF???

Haha jerks from the past Taiwan is now the best place in the world to be because of way it successfully beat a pandemic from China that has killed millions and strangled the global economy. Losers.

It’s about 2.40 in the afternoon.

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:notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:

Anyway, this thread is way too retarded. So many consecutive posts by the same user and they aren’t even consistent (girlfriend, husband…?). Is it possible that posts from removed users are for some reason assigned to @system ?


Too early for cocktails. Glad I skipped it.

it is totally possible that someone who has a husband has a girlfriend and goes to school.

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Yes, I know.

Talking from experience?

Funny people complaining about Taipei being shitty. Imagine in 2001 couldn’t even get proper coffee or pizza. MRT hardly constructed.US hadn’t invaded Iraq and China was a third world country.

In a taxi now going to meeting in Taipei and the city looks pretty sweet