We gonna rock on down to Electric Avenue

What was your score then.

I got a pitiful 95. I’m quite ashamed. A self-confessed 80s addict and a bona fide former 80s DJ :blush: :blush: :oops

OK, 10 contributions from me

  1. ________ 's gonna be the witness to the ultimate test of _______ fitness.

  2. Hit me with your _____ _____.

  3. Looking out a _____ old ______.

  4. My my ____ hits me oh so _____.

  5. I saw the _____ , you saw the whole of the ______.

  6. You’re watching the ____ of your eyes turning _____.

  7. It’s a _____ train, from coast to coast ____'s the man we love the most.

  8. _____ ______ , that’s what they say when we’re together.

  9. You got it _____. You don’t know when you’ve got it good.

  10. Coz I tear out these ____ that I got in these ____.

100 Guanxi for anyone who gets them all right.


A pitiful score of 77, but hey, I was born in 1979. The fact that St. Petersburg, FL got MTV early on helped. Oh and being a huge Eagles fan gave me a ten-point boost…on a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair, the warm smell of ________ drifting up through the air…Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light…you all know how it goes…

I got the image of the videos and/or heard the song in my head, but unfortunately, being only a kindergartener in 1984, I never really learned the words to some of those lyrics right. Aw man, I’m gonna have these songs in my head for a long time now…thanks a lot, mod lang…:wink:

95.5 but it should have been muchb etter. Doing the one handed peck, don’t have finders on the right keys, and that guy was ounting off for spelling. :blush: but what a great trip down memory lane!

I was born before the slinky!!! :shock: :frowning:

I only got 78.5! And for most of them I even got the tune in my head, but just couldn’t get to the words. We never even had mtv, I just got everything off the radio and my record collection of about 10 lousy records.

Only regret: one very cool song was ruined since I now discovered he sings “six-string”, not sex dream.

Too bad I wasn’t old enough for “Just Say No” to register to me on what I was supposed to say ‘no’ to. I could have saved a few brain cells. What was up with Alvin’s obsession with Michael Jackson anyway?