We have karma!

Execellent!!! Very cool :smiley:

But donate only? Can we have moderators awarding karma for useful/insightful/informative posts, like slashdot.org? Or have moderators take karma away for junk posts, and if you hit a minus level you’re toast. That way you won’t have to ban people.

Just my 2 c.

Jeepers, you’re fast (or I’m just too slow)

Folks, I posted some guidelines about Karma – but let me add it here instead :slight_smile:

[This wasn’t a perfectly smooth modification to make, so if you notice anything fishy, please send me e-mail directing me to the thread or problem]


Here’s the idea behind Karma on Segue: the more Karma one has, the more credible/worthwhile/interesting this person is – at least as far as being a member in Segue is concerned.

Q: How do I get Karma?

Every new post you make reaps you two (2) Karma points.
Every reply merits one (1) Karma point.
If people really like you, they might donate their Karma points to you

… oh, yeah, Moderators can give or take Karma points from you, too :smiling_imp:

Q: Donate Karma?

In the left margin of each post, there is a donate link below a member’s name. Click this and you can give Karma to those you like

Q: Tell me again – why are we doing this?

A couple of reasons:

  1. Over time, Karma will be more meaningful than the post totals that directly affect the rank titles. This is because members of the Segue community can assign their Karma to others.

  2. This gives the team@segue another way to sanction a member. We aren’t only limited to issuing warnings (Yellow Cards) or banning people (Red Cards)

  3. We will look into partnerships with major Taiwanese companies and financial institutions so that Segue Karma can be accepted as currency or as a basis for credit and discounts (OK, that’s a joke – but imagine the possibilities! :smiley:)

Noooo! I just donated 100 karma to someone not realizing that was my own karma. Talk about read the fine print…:frowning:
Imagine my horror as I saw my own karma points drop by a 100! Naturally I quickly sent a pm to the lucky recipient (“gimme my goddam karma back as soon as u read the message, u b*****d!”)

Maybe a karma mafia will emerge, harrassing members to ‘donate’ or kitty gets it etc.

i would reather have the karma sutra :laughing:

this is cool, far better than stars we had I love it

Please Donate Karma to me. I am setting up a charitable trust that only accepts Karma. Your Karma is desperately needed by others and it’s up to you to get that Karma to people that need it. Let me be the one to help you, I too have recently teamed up with a guy from Nigeria who is going to help me give the Karma to those who most need it. There is an excessive amount of Karma waiting to be placed into deserving hands.

We promise you that if you give us your Karma you will reap back 20 times your Karma donation amount. Previously we had been accepting cheques only to the Cheif Amazulu Spiritual Healing fund or C.A.S.H for short, but we have realised that Karma is a much more valuable commodity.

So please hit that button and send us your Karma today.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the poster formerly known as Gao Li Tsai shall be known henceforth as Mother Theresa. In conjunction with said change of appellation, all of the necessary changes shall be made and Gao’s kharma has been contributed to Gus, without whom none of this would be possible. :smiley:

One day of emptiness will inevitably lead to a lifetime of emptiness.

So there I was with my grubby little fist clenching my wad of karma…

What could I spend it on? Would I feel superior to those with less? Envious of those with more? Would I blow it on illegal pursuits and carnal pleasures etc.? Would I hoard it…becoming suspicious of others after my stash?

No. The solution is:

Give it to mother.

Oh, so now we’re Mother Teresa, are we? Now isn’t that special.

I hope you know impersonating a saint is a very big no-no, young lady. That can get you into a LOT of trouble.

And no, I don’t need any of your karma, Mr. Gus, thank you very much. I have enough of my own.

Dude, Church Lady Dude, I think perhaps the evil one is at work here… you know SATAN! Dude, you rule Church lady.

So but like I was thinking and all, and like you know, like I have some like heavy thoughts going on in my nog…

Like, can Karma be bought and sold?

Can Karma be traded? Can I get like either some Dead Tickets or Phish tickets if I trade with you?

Can Karma be given away upon the change of identity? You know, like when Elvis became some dude like who impersonates himself in Vegas,… does he get new Karma?

Questions beyond my pea brain, I need to light up and think on that! Wow, my head hurts

Dear Herbie,

With great kindness one has no regret;
With great compassion one has no complaint;
With great joy one has no worries;
With great generosity one demands nothing in return.


And with Great Tracts of Land, one gets many admiring glances and eventually a sore back. :wink:

Dear Gus,

I hope you don’t think I was being snippy with you yesterday. Heaven’s no! You’re a wonderful young man for all the good work you’ve been doing here bringing people together on Segue. I only meant to say that since the Mister passed away I’ve just had more karma than I know what to do with, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of which, I certainly hope that young lady soon sees the error of her ways before it’s TOO LATE.

I mean, my heavens, how can anyone think they can continue to look at pictures of naked men on their computer screen day in and day out and still be mentioned in the same breath as the angel of Calcutta?

As for you, Herbie. Young man, does your mother know you’ve been watching those disgusting Austin Powers movies? No wonder your head hurts. Have you ever heard of the concept of A GUILTY CONSCIENCE, young man?

Gus, can Karma be tweaked? It would be interesting if we could reward people who post topics that get a lot of replies. It would encourage quality on the boards, I think. :sunglasses:

It would be nice if those who do not have enough Karma to donate :blush: could also express how impressed they are with various posters’ thoughts. I admit, it’s better than the previous star rating system, but doesn’t allow the newer users to show appreciation beyond posting a message directly pertaining to that fact.

On the other hand, I do realise that if everyone were free to just rate left, right and center, then there would be people with two accounts rating themselves into next week (which may or may not be useful, depending upon whether Karma itself is useful).

Uh, the karma we receive here is “good” karma, right? :shock:

This is what happened after I donated some Karma:

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Bad Karma, dude. Ommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oops, that’s my fault. I modified the wrong set of files (it’s a LONG story)

Things should be OK now. I hope.

Please let me know if you encounter other problems like this (e-mail me directly). Ommmmmmmmmmmm

I gave all my karma away so I’m making this reply to get 1 karma point back. :stuck_out_tongue: