We moved to Kaohsiung!

We moved to Kaohsiung recently. Been in Taiwan quite a long time but it’s a bit of a new adventure heading down South. This is where I will share my impressions of the place , the good , the bad and the ugly.

Found a 4bd apartment in a fairly central area, 22k with management fee, and parking near the MRT and trains, so pretty happy with that.

City is very well laid out. It’s a very big city so you are going to have variation as to where you live. Found Zuoying to be busy but got most of what you need except a cinema. There’s a bunch of Western bars, loads of restaurants, coffeeshops, department stores, you name it.
Youbike is great for getting around and there’s lots of bike paths. The river side bike path is really good now, very pleasant this time of year.

Lanting lake has a wake boarding place and sailing facilities and an outdoor swimming pool, and a nice walk and bike path around it.

The harbour areas are surprisingly quiet as they are less developed and less people live there. That whole area is developing really well, all they are missing is the international tourists.

The famed pollution has been obvious on certain days but so far I didn’t feel it was very different to other places I’ve lived up North and Central.

Some of the roads have heavy traffic as to be expected, need to avoid those industrial areas or highway exits and entrances. Driving can be very poor, about the same level of Taoyuan which is not saying much. The streets and intersections are better laid out and all the main roads have footpaths.

The main difference with the North at this point in time? It’s extremely parched and dry. All the parks are brown and burnt out, and some hillsides are extremely dry. It seems there’s been an extended drought here. I miss the greenery, otherwise enjoying the sunshine and nice temperatures practically everyday. It is not hot , it’s even been surprisingly cold at times, overall just very pleasant Weather, very predictable.


Such a newbie take.


That’s me the newbie. I have a lot more to say don’t worry.


I’ve been here 2 years, can’t disagree with anything here


Where is Lanting lake?

Another newbie then.

Kaohsiung is underrated in my opinion; it’s nice to have another thread that is not yet again about the 'bei. :slightly_smiling_face:



Welcome to the sunny south, (been here 4 years) just watch out for the scooter drivers, everywhere except where they are supposed to be. Even where they are supposed to be, they never give way to a human.


Depending what part your living in, it’s just a short hop to Pingtung for a little more relaxed rural area, also a couple of little beaches in the southern part of the city.


How long have you been in K-town? I hear it used to be pretty :confounded:

Looking forward to reading all the observations from all the K-town residents as this thread unravels. Taipei lame-os like me will butt out.

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Yeah, like Detroit is underrated.

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I thought you moved back to Europe? :ponder:

Congrats. Maybe a nice iced tea is in order sometime in the nearish future.

(metro)Detroit is better than the ratings. So it’s underrated. Lived there 20 years. No regrets.


Thanks K-Town folks. I found I can fly to many South East Asian major cities directly which is great for work. Don’t fancy trekking back up Taoyuan too often. I did the same from Taichung when I lived there.


I love Kaohsiung. How is local airport connected with world?

And ofc congratulations for a new start. A smart move.

Rent is super cheap. How strong is contract? I mean can you sign it for 10 years inflation protected ? Or you are on the mercy of landlords? You have been renting for long. Happy it works out for your family.

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Lotus Pond has all those things, I don’t know the Chinese name

Do you usually speak about yourself plurally? A bit schizophrenic.

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Brian Jones is a family man—hence the plural form.