We need a chili cookoff in Taipei

We need a chili cookoff in Taipei.
That would be wonderful. :stuck_out_tongue:

‘Nernernernernerner; I made you eat your parents! Nernernernernerner; I made you eat your parents!’ Eric Cartman at his ‘Chili Con Carnival’

A chili cookoff in Taipei? That would give me a use for these babies. Mmm-mmmm!

Gold and chocolate habaneros, straight from the bush.

Mmmmmm, care to sell some to a chili head in Taichung? :slight_smile:

Sandy, is there already a chili thread?
Or should we start one?
I searched and there was like 234 results.
Do you know who makes chili in Taipei?
Bongos used to do a good chili+bread bowl, but it was for a limited time only. :frowning:

Do-able. I’m going to freeze these ones whole until I find a better way to preserve them. Freezing them will retain all the heat and fruit flavour but they’ll go soft when thawed. Which doesn’t really matter as they’re far, far too hot to be eaten by themselves. I got a friend lives up at Donghai (poster rice-t) so next time I see him I’ll pass a few on to you. For a chile-head they are simply wonderful, with a deep very intense heat of about 400,000 Scofield units – about 70 times hotter than jalapenos – but with that gorgeous fruity habanero flavour.
I visited a guy yesterday who grows chiles as a “hobby” – he has several hundred plants – and while he doesn’t supply any shops, he sells mail order to the Taiwanese chile-heads, of which there is a small number. He also sells jars of his own home-made totally organic habanero hot sauce with no artifical preservatives at all, one made with golden habs and another made with the even hotter chocolate ones. I bought a couple off him but haven’t opened them yet.
Tomorrow I’ll post his details if you’re interested.