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I have five weather apps, including the stock iOS app on my phone and some days they all say something different. Really different. A few weeks back it was 0% chance of precipitation on one and 80% on the other.

Does anybody have a suggestion? I have a locally developed app that isn’t bad but what I’ve read online has suggestions for apps primarily from the US and I’m unsure if they would be accurate enough in Taiwan. I’m fine paying a few bucks for something that is good.

Rain Alarm
those the only ones i frequently peruse, in no particular order


Windy is good for finding out what’s happening if a typhoon is coming. That’s the only app that appears to be accurate - now looking at it, I didn’t realize it had predictions for temperature, etc in it as well.

天氣即時預報 is moderately accurate but way off on things like precipitation.

Windy. Uses 2-3 different models, including the ECMWF and GFS, and other models for waves, etc. Geta weather forecast up to 10 days in advance, at any altitude, for anywhere on earth!

Most apps (including the OS based ones) use the free GFS model, which tends to be a bit dramatic and overestimates rainfall likelihood and wind speeds.

ECMWF is charged for, but donors keep it available on Windy.

I paid, because I use it all the time for sailing and surfing forecasts.

another reasonable one is, which uses GFS. It only reports from identified stations, but is does have a few in Taiwan.

and lastly, Tropical Storm Risk, really good for keeping track of typhoons, and reasonably good correlation of forecast to actual tracks.

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Wish I had suggestions - I’ve got the same issue. I wonder about the source of the variation: do some apps just see “Oh, you’re in New Taipei City, so here’s the [rather meaningless] New Taipei City forecast”? Or is forecasting in Taiwan really hard? Or is the tech other places use not yet available here?

The New Yorker had a recent article about how weather forecasting keeps getting better (did you know the Nazis landed in Newfoundland to build a small weather station?! I didn’t!), but as I was reading the article I kept thinking, “Wait, if it’s getting better, how does my phone have five different descriptions of what’s happening outside my window right now?”

It does amuse me that my wife still asks me if should she put an umbrella in her bag for the day. We still live in Taipei, right? Then yes, pack an umbrella.

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I want to clarify that I am not a Nazi. I condemn all Nazis. I condemn pretty much everybody who posts here.

I’ve been playing around with Windy (it was already on my phone) since I posted this yesterday and it’s probably the best that I’ve seen here. Taiwan is the only place that I’ve ever lived where weather can kill you or, at the very least, seriously impact your plans, and I have never paid attention to forecasts before. A few weeks ago, my wife asked what the weather would be like in the morning and I read her results from three or four apps - all reading something different. I think an umbrella for the rain and a jacket for the a/c are constants though.


Windy also integrates live satellite and radar data into the scene. Not from everywhere, but Taiwan and Japan are covered, as are most of USA and EU.

I recommend you download the app for iOS for a cleaner mobile experience.

I already have it. Until about 20 hours ago, I didn’t realize it did anything outside of showing when a typhoon was coming.

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