Weather in Kaohsiung!

Hey guys, as you’re all aware I am relocating to KHH and I’ve just gotten off the phone to my brother who has stated he’s going to book a flight to come visit me next year.

As I am unaware of the weather situation there I was wondering when the best time for him to come would be? He has stated that he would like to come when he can visit the beach and not when it’s going to rain everyday (like it did when he came to Tpe!)

I suggested he come in May but I am unsure if it’ll be wet.

can someone help me?


May should be OK. April might be a little safer and not quite as hot.

The Central Weather Bureau is your friend. You can find the monthly averages (temp., precipitation, etc.) for Gaoxiong and the Hengchun peninsula.

man the summer is too hot…tell him to come visit during winter time like around late Jan, also he can cehck out the chiense new year

WHat - too hot as in no going to the beach as its unbareable?

ya man May is hot and humid…you can go to the beach but it’s so hot and humdi I wonder if you can get used to it…Taiwanese can do it it depends where you are from

What, the closed shops, shuttered windows, and piles of trash? :wink:

I went to Kending in April.
The weather was fine,not hot,not humid.
But I can’t stand up with the trash.
It was dirty everywhere.
If the weather is very hot and humid ,and I have to be in the dirty…I will lose my temper.
But seriously,except the July -Sept(the typhoon season)
Kaohsiung’s weather is better than northern cities.