Web cams for macs

Does anyone have any suggestions for web cams to use with macs. i know about the apple i sight but it is severely limited. also logitech do a few… others? thx.

I was thinking about getting the iSight. What do you mean by severely limited? Please quantify.

What kind of camea are you looking for? I believe the iSight is a FireWire camera … which is still pretty rare in other vendors. Would you be looking for a USB camera then? A USB 2.0? Remember, Apple just introduce USB 2.0 recently. My PowerBook 17" doesn’t even have it.

now this is third hand info from my local apple fellow… the isight only works on ichat and thus only with other mac users. cannot be used with msn etc. whether this is a firewire thing i dont know.

the logitech ones look great esp. the laptop specific one. i dont mind if its usb or firewire just so long as it works across other software, not just ichat.

appareantly 3rd party software can help a little (see below) but still it should really just be plug n play these days

these are from pcmag.com/article2/0,4149,1216215,00.asp

“iChat AV can’t talk to any other videoconferencing system, though, and Apple bundles none of the usual Webcam software with the iSight.”

“And despite Apple’s recent push for integration, iSight doesn’t feed into iMovie.”

“There is third-party software for all of these functions, and the iSight worked well with half a dozen Webcam applications we tried. The iSight even plugs into PCs, where we used it with Yahoo! Messenger and NetMeeting. But on a PC, the microphone doesn’t work because it lacks a Windows driver (Apple says third parties are welcome to write such a driver).”

Ok, I see what you mean now.

It has nothing to do with with FireWire. FireWire is just the medium between the camera and the machine. It has a higher data rate than USB, which means you can ge 30fps at higher resolutions than USB.

What Apple might be doing is trying to lock in users to “.Mac” services. It may be free or near free now, but later they may want to chare a fee for the service. And I can’t believe that it won’t work with their own iMove!

From what you’ve shown us today, I dobut I’ll be getting the iSight until it is fully integrated with a system-level driver, rather than a service-related driver.

I/O Experts make drivers for OS X that will make just about any USB web cam compatible. Haven’t tried 'em but reviews I’ve read seem rather positive.


Also, there’s a patch for using a USB web cam with iChat as well, here:


Logitech offers three Mac-compatible models:

logitech.com/index.cfm?page= … nguageid=1

QuickCam Zoom

Automatic Face-Tracking

I have an iSight and the quality is fine using iChat AV. I’m left wanting though since it’s missing many of the capabilities of it’s cheaper usb brethen. It does work with Yahoo but at an abysmal frame rate of something less than 1 frame per sec.

I saw the Logitech Quick Cam for Notebook Pro in Aorora (sp) today for a little under $2900 and plan to buy one of them tomorrow. Has anyone tried this cam?