Web programing: Help with forms, logging entries

Hope this is the right place to get suggestions…

Previously our web site had been using a perl script from AlienForm2 to (a) collect user feedback, (b) send email to 2 addresses, (c) autoreply with info submitted, and (d) log each entry in a text “|” database file. Server is running Apache/Unix, and was working fine… UNTIL some spammers/hackers found a loophole to send massive amounts of mail that ballooned our log file to 20+ MB of garbage text.

The AlienForm2 author and support site are no longer available, and only one reported fix we found online doesn’t work to patch up the hole. :noway:

We’ve since switched to another form mailer from bignosebird.com, but the text file logging functions don’t work and user submitted info is not able to be included in autoreply to the user.

Solena and Matt’s scripts have also been investigated, but has anyone configured either of their scripts for the same functionality?

Does anyone have suggested resources to troubleshoot the bnb script, or suggest another form mailer that performs the necessary functions?

Thanks for the help…

Lots of things on Matt’s scripts are not particularly secure, so that might not be the place to look.

If you’re willing to give PHP a try, you might want to investigate Phorm or Phorm Jr. (I haven’t tried these myself, but they sound like what you want.) Or try some other PHP scripts for forms processing.