Web site design contest

The Government Information Office is holding a Web site design contest on the theme “A good neighbor: Taiwan in the global village.”

Contestants need must both do the design and write the content. Photos and background information can be found through the links at the bottom of the contest rules page. But the site doesn’t have to be huge; the minimum is five pages.

There are two categories: Chinese and English. The top prize in the Chinese contest is NT$60,000. The top prize for an English site is US$1,500 (about NT$52,500), plus plane tickets for two to Taiwan and hotel accomodations for a week. If you win the English contest and already live in Taiwan, I suppose you can bring over some friends or relatives.

Who won?

I carefully evaluated all of the entries and submitted my findings to a committee, which apparently ignored everything I had to say. :frowning:

The winner and the two runners-up should still be on the GIO site somewhere. But I’m too lazy to look.