WebHosting: Forumosa.com and others

To whom it may concern,

I may be putting this in the wrong forum, but also putting it here in the Tech forum so others might benefit.

Assuming I recall correctly Forumosa.com moved over to Serverbeach. I was wondering how y’all like it so far?

Also, a friend introduced a webhosting company to me. I thought it may suit Forumosa.com’s needs (doubtful as it’s not a dedicated server, but eh). Their Version 4 is a pretty good deal. $70/year 600mb/25g
NoMonthlyFee Rate Plans

P.S. I am in no way affiliated with NoMonthlyFees. Just FYI for those wondering. Also was curious how Forumosa.com was likin their new home. :slight_smile:

I like MTK hosting. He’s a bit in stealth mode but he’ll make an appearance soon :slight_smile:

ps - Ok, I gone done the dirty deed mtk so when do I get that Alleycat’s pie? :eh: :wink:

Curious if people have any information about WebTaiwan Hosting. I found out about them via the Canadian Society in Taiwan Website.

Yes, they’re very expensive :noway:


If I did web hosting I bet it’d be a lot cheaper than that. :slight_smile: