Website/info for Overseas Chinese?

I am wondering if anybody knows a good website or info about the legal matters regarding Overseas Chinese (Hwa Chiao) coming to Taiwan. I am talking about general things like employment, conscription, residence & ID, taxes, entry/departure laws, etc…

I found plenty of info for Foreigners on the Taiwanese gov’t websites, but I don’t think I’m a complete foreigner since I am a dual citizen born in Taiwan.


Are you a USA-ROC dual national by any chance? I would be interested in meeting with a USA-ROC dual national “Hwa Chiao” and discussing what problems you are encountering.

Are you free during the daytime hours?

I am currently in the US, moving to Taiwan later for work. So I don’t think we can meet up unless you are in California. I am trying to figure out as much as possible about the legal issues before I move back, so I don’t get drafted or something crazy like that! I’d like to communicate by email or whatever if that’s cool with you.

Here is the sequence to be 100% dual

  1. get ROC Passport
  2. register yourself in the " household book"
  3. to get a Taiwanese ID
  4. bingo!

If you do not anything above, but you have any relative who have registered household and currently living in Taiwan to approve that you had “lived” or was born in Taiwan or whatever.

You need to summit a “letter” to explain why and how, I am sure that they will issue to you.
I do have a friend who is a Jap-Chinese and did it this way, if you are intereste, I will try to pull the string for you.

Thea’s mom,

I know of the things you mentioned. I was born in Taiwan, so I have an ID. But the thing is I’m not sure if I could use that for work (conscription problems). I could use my foreign passport, but that means getting visas, work permits, and probably more tax = pain in the arse. I would really like to just use my Taiwanese passport or ID for work, but do not want to get drafted. I know I can travel in and out of Taiwan with my Taiwanese passport and that’s ok, but I’m not sure about work. If you know a “hwa chiao” dual citizen that’s born in Taiwan, and is using a Taiwanese passport or ID to work, is male and of military age, please let me know! I’d like to know more info on that subject.

thanks in advance.

My husband is at work but I’ll check later to confirm this:

My husband has dual citizenship, US and ROC. He’s on the household registration (I’m a foreign spouse, and the kids and I are now on there too).

When we first got here just about 3 years ago, we all entered on US passports. Then after getting a job, he exited with our son and they both re-entered… I think the little one entered with ROC passport, and dh entered with US passport.

Now our son can live here, but dh has to exit and re-enter the country every 4 months. For work, he uses his Taiwan ID and pays ROC taxes.

I could be wrong about the passport he enters the country with, but I’ll check to make sure. If you’re American, have you checked the AIT website? I’m pretty sure I saw something there about dual-citizens and those avoiding the military service.


Just checked with my husband and he entered Taiwan with his ROC passport. Exits and re-enters every 4 months (I think he can’t stay for longer than 120 days). He just goes to HK on an afternoon flight and doesn’t even leave the airport; just hops right on the next flight back to Taiwan, so he’s usually home by midnight. Just check with the police station; from what I understand, they’re pretty open about it.



Thanks for the info. I believe your husband and I are in the same situation. But you said he entered with U.S. passport but is paying taxes with Taiwanese ID? That’s strange, cuz usually you are whatever you enter with, meaning if you enter with U.S. then you are treated as a foreigner and need a work permit. What kind of visa is he here on? And he hasn’t encountered any problems? When he pays taxes, wouldn’t the gov’t be like, weird, this person shouldn’t even be here? Hey, if he pulled it off, that may just be the solution to my problem. So if he enters with Taiwanese passport and then works with Taiwanese ID, that would cause a problem? It would be great if you could give me more info on the subject. Oh yeah, the AIT website, just like all the other website, only talks about the 4 month rule for traveling and nothing about working/taxes. I was gonna try using Taiwanese (so I least I won’t need a visa every time) to enter and then work with Tawanese ID to pay taxes, then use the 4 month rule. But there must be a reason your husband is not doing that, please let me know!


Aha! so I guess problem solved!

Let me get this straight one more time…Your husband is a dual citizen born in Taiwan…has an Overseas Chinese stamp on this Taiwanese passport…is of military age…has a Taiwanese ID card and number, and is on the household registration “hukou”…leaves every 4 months… pays Taiwanese taxes and doesn’t need any visas or work permits…and never has any problems?? If that’s so, great! That means the 4-month-draft-dodging rule applies to work as well, which is exacly what I need to know.



I think you understood correctly, but I don’t know anything about having an Overseas Chinese stamp on his passport. He’s not here or I’d ask–sorry.

I know he was born here; grew up in CA, then we moved here 2.5 years ago.

Now that I think about it, the first time he exited and re-entered was probably just for our son, so that the 2 yo at the time would re-enter on ROC passport.

But even thought people supposedly do this a lot, it’s probably not something one should talk about very openly, kwim?

But again, see if you can check this out with someone. My husband doesn’t read/write Chinese, so we got some help from family to call around when we first got here.

Good luck,


I have a simliar situation with you too, but having a dual citizenship of Taiwan and Singapore, with Taiwan ID as well. Also looking to work in Taiwan, so far 2 companies seems to be interested in employing me.

Anyways, I did call the immigration and found that you are allowed to exit and re-enter 4 months freely but will be drafted if you exceed your stay 1 year or exceeding 4 months 3 times. Also check out for more infomation.