Website loading problem

Hi all,

I am facing a weird problem. For the past couple days, I can’t load like half the websites. They either load really slow, or they can’t load at all.

The weird thing is, some sites load perfectly fine (such as Forumosa, ESPN, Yahoo Mail, etc) but some cannot load (Yahoo News, Hotmail, Friendster, etc). Does anybody know what the heck is going on?

The ones that do not load were perfectly fine a couple days ago.

I do not recall installing anything recently. I also check for spyware and viruses everyday, and i think my computer is clean. My peer-to-peer chat programs and music download programs work perfectly fine.

Please help!

If some are loading fine and others are not, it would suggest those that are slow to load are experiencing problems on the server’s side

possibly, but i can’t imagine sites like yahoo news or hotmail having problem constantly. also those same sites load fine at work.

Try this.

What browser are you using? Also, what company provides your ADSL?

Have you tried cleaning out your cookies?